"I am a reader, writer, and thinker!"

Our after-school and summer Book Camps focus on language acquisition, recreational reading, critical thinking, and creative writing.  Working with volunteers trained in a trauma-informed approach, we work with children in 10-week cycles on selected themes.  Most importantly, we encourage students to realize that reading is fun! We accomplish this through:

Daily Story Time, an all-ages shared experience with a thoughtfully selected book related to the theme

Book Clubs, age-specific silent reading groups and group discussion of the text

One-on-one reading time, individual volunteer and student time working on specific literacy skills

Writing and art projects, an opportunity for reading comprehension and self expression led by trained teaching artists

Tree House Sprouts, specific time and programming set aside for little ones, ages 4-6, just learning to read.

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Every Thursdays during Book Camp is our V.I.P. Speaker Series!

Cultural Literacy provides our students with past and present examples of Black success so that they can understand they do not need to change themselves or their culture to have a life of distinction. African American professionals who have excelled in their careers come to Tree House Books to share about their career choice and how books influenced them. Students gather around the speaker to listen and ask questions and then share with the speaker what they have been working on. The speaker also reads from a book for that day's story time. Past speakers include Rich Medina, Ursula Rucker, Bill McKinney, and Derrick Pitts.

 If you want to be a “Tree House V.I.P” please email us at info@treehousebooks.org