Host a Books in Every Home Campaign Book Drive in 10 easy steps!

1. Decide to host a Book Drive


There are dozens of fantastic reasons to host a book drive! Regardless of the philanthropic or social cause you support, books are proven to sustain growth and development in all aspects of life. Care about the environment? Book drives are the ultimate way to recycle books! Equal access to education makes your heart sing? According to the Associated Press, the largest contributing factor to college readiness is how well students can comprehend complex texts (source). Advanced and complex reading comes from exposure to on or above grade-level books from a young age. If you're looking to donate your time-- a book drive is the way to go. 

2. Choose Tree House Books for your Book Drive

Our Giving Library has been a leading book distributor and depot for North Central Philadelphia, as well as for homes, classrooms and community centers across Philadelphia, for close to 15 years. With our efforts focused on our Books in Every Home Campaign, we are committed to making sure that the books you bring in from your book drive find their way home to a family or child who will read them. Between our volunteer-operated Giving Library, as well as the variety of book distribution programs that we host, our aim is to promote self-selection of books and pleasure reading in order to create life-long readers. Never fear that your hard work will end up on a lonely shelf! We take pride in our ability to provide access books to our Philadelphia community. 

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3. Contact Tree House Books and Receive a Book Drive Kit

This is the part of the book drive where you would recruit a committee to make flyers and other marketing materials for your Book Drive. However, we have done all of that for you! To get started on your Tree House Books book drive, contact Emma at or give us a call at 215-236-1760 and we can get you started with a Book Drive Kit and our full administrative support!

4. Set a date and make some goals

The next step in hosting a book drive is to set a start and end date. We usually recommend at least a 2-4 week period so that your co-workers, friends, family, community, etc., have the opportunity to clean off their shelves and bring in their books. This is also a great time to decide on a good drop-off location. Our book drive participants tell us that a visible spot in a lobby or communal space is usually the best-- it's great to have the drop-off location as a reminder to bring in those books. Finally, setting a goal for how many books you would like to collect is crucial! Our team is happy to help you set an achievable goal, but we will tell you now most of our book drive participants easily surpass their original collection goals.


5. Scream it from the Mountain Tops: YOU ARE HOSTING A BOOK DRIVE!

Now is the time to share it with your business, organization, community, friends, family, neighbors, cats, dogs, and mailman! You are hosting a book drive! If you are using our Books in Every Home Campaign Kit, we provide you with sample e-mail blasts and convenient flyers for you to distribute. We also suggest using a variety of social media platforms to promote your book drive-- tweet a tweet, write a blog, share a photo, any way to get the word out! Make sure you take a ton of photos to get featured on our website or social media accounts. 

6. Update your Team with your Progress

Half-way through your book drive, give your team an update as to how many books you have collected and how many books you have left to go to reach your goal. Our book drive kit gives you some sample emails for halfway through your drive, but feel free to update and celebrate your progress thus far! Many folks will wait until the last possible minute to bring in their books, so this really is the ultimate push to get in as many books as possible!

7. Close your Drive and Count your Books

On the last day of your book drive, be sure to end with a little bit of fanfare, congratulate yourself and your team and get ready to count up those books. Depending on how many books you've collected, it might be good to count as you go, but having a general number for Tree House Books helps us support you in your delivery and with our campaign. Finally, your team is going to want to know how many books they collected together-- that number is crucial to end your book drive with a flourish.

 8. Organize your Delivery

Contact to figure out the best time to deliver your books and tour our Giving Library!

9. Celebrate! 

You have just completed a successful book drive and have helped Tree House Books on our journey to provide every home in Philadelphia with awesome books. You rule! We are happy to provide you with a celebratory email, Tree House Books facility tour, photos, donation receipts, and any other materials that you might need in order to tie up any loose ends from your book drive. 


10. Don't be a Stranger-- Join the Tree House Books Community!

It is our hope that your book drive is only the first step and that you continue to work with us to promote life-long readership and access to high quality books in Philadelphia. We have a million ways that you can get involved-- volunteer in our library or with the campaign, serve on our Board of Directors or Advisory Board, become a donor,. To figure out your next steps with Tree House Books, contact We can't wait to see you!