JOin Tree house books on our journey to get high quality books in homes all across philadelphia!

Do you remember, as a child, picking your favorite book in your school library to bring home to your family? Do you remember those special moments, reading during bedtime, or alone in your special hiding place? Unfortunately, many Philadelphia schools do not have a lending library, and many families have few books in their home. At Tree House Books, we understand that much of a child's learning occurs beyond traditional school settings, which is why we have spent the past 10 years building relationships and providing support to inspire reading in the home.  Our goal with this campaign is to ensure that every child, every home, has books to support each child's journey towards a love of reading and a happy, successful life.


Help us reach our goal of distributing 75,000 books in 2018!

We did it together -- Thank you!

In 2017, our goal was to distribute 50,000 books to Philadelphia homes. We surpassed that goal by distributing over 67,000 books! Many thanks to all of the volunteers and donors who helped make this possible!