We support the readers, writers, and thinkers in our community from their earliest moments all the way through high school and beyond. With our Literacy Programming Continuum children grow up with us.

We start with our Early Learning Programs, which are focused on building literacy skills and fostering a love for reading and writing from the earliest moments. We then provide support for these skills as children grow in our community. These early learning programs include...

Read with Me, a weekly gathering of parents, guardians, and parents-to-be, and their little ones ages 0-4. Activities focus on both reading and oral langauage acquistion. Songs, games, storytime, and discussion facilitate skill-building and promote deep connections between children and their caregivers that posistively impact brain development and long-term literacy achievement.

Tree House Sprouts, for ages 4-6, stands on this foundation and hones in on building the specific skills of emerging readers and writers. Kids are given individualized instruction that enables them to grow confidence in ther abilities, which directly impacts their enthusiasm for reading and writing.

We support our older readers and writers with After School and Summer Workshops as they discover all the ways reading and writing impact their lives. We encourage kids to develop their own interests, along with their literacy skills, through an interdisciplinary approach that includes the arts, science, music, movement, creative writing, and thoughtful discussion.

Our Junior Librarian Program is for teens who have come through our Literacy Programs and are looking to give back by volunteering in our Giving Library and working with our younger readers and writers. Our Junior Librarians also receive one-to-one mentoring, academic support, and career training. We aim to empower teenagers with the skills and confidence they need to pursue the future of their dreams!