As the Community that we serve grows, so does Tree House Books!  In 2017, we will increase our focus on early learning (ages 0-5) and family programming. Here is what Tree House Books and our families have to look forward to in the coming year:

Books in Every Home Campaign: Providing access to quality books to the community is still at the heart of Tree House Books! Since 2008, we've distributed nearly 80,000 books to children and families in the Philadelphia community. Our new campaign will be to ensure that every home in Philadelphia with children has children to support each child's journey towards a love and reading. In 2017, our ambitious goal is to collect and distribute 50,000 books, and increase our efforts by 50% each year so that by 2020 we are distributing over 200,000 books per yer!

Read with Me: This pilot program will be a weekly gathering of new guardians and parents-to-be to read with the youngest members of our community.

Young Writers Program: Tree House Books will explore new options to expand programming to include a focused young writers program. This pilot program will be specifically structured to support children as they develop their writing abilities through fun and imaginative activities.

Family Programs: Continuting our tradition of engaging the family and the community, the family these monthly gatherings will be a time for our local children, parents, guardians, volunteers, and supporters to come together for fellowship, open discussion and celebration. Our goals are to include the entire community in our work, and to actively support families reading in the home together.