We love all our Tree House family! We have a host of regular students and volunteers who come to participate in our events, activities, or just relax in our tree house while reading a book or two. Hear them talk about what they like most about Tree House Books!


"At Tree House, we are creating change not only through books, but with our words, our pens and really big hearts."



- Temple University Volunteer

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"I read because you can imagine anything that you can out there."


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"...at Tree House Books... I got a new nickname (Butternoodle) and I see my best friends Antwine and Azad everyday."


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"I like Tree House Books because I get to do my homework and I get to read and then I get to do writing centers too."


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"...it gives me the opportunity to get a break from the stress of school... with some really cool kids and volunteers."

-Miss Morgan