Read With Me: Ages 0-4


Young children benefit tremendously from being read to. Spark their love of learning early, and keep the flame burning! Bring your young child and read to them with us. This program is designed to get your child off to a great start in becoming a reader, writer, and thinker. Start your own home library of books beloved by both you and your family, and keep it growing.

Do you remember that book that was read to you as a baby? The one with beautiful, lively illustrations that you can picture even now? We want your child to remember too, and have those memories as encouragement to keep reading and learning.

Let us help you easily start building a home library for your child. We offer books for young readers ages 0-4. Get a selection of children's books delivered to your house, free, by enrolling in our Read with Me Program. With each delivery, we include parent and child materials to help you develop your child's mastery in reading, writing and thinking.

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