Tree House Sprouts Academy: Mon-Thurs (4-6pm) Ages 4-6


Tree House Sprouts Academy is a program to enrich children ages 4-6 as they become readers, writers and thinkers. We offer literacy enrichment targeting key vocabulary and critical thinking skills for your soon-to-be lit-ready kindergartener!

Sprouts Academy offers a variety of brain growing, thought provoking acitivities for your child to get your baby to read, baby read! Whether its fun phonics games to get them tearing words right off the page or getting into fun debates with our guided reading book club, your child will be immersed in a colorful world of books and literature.

This program is specifically structured to support children as they develop their identity as readers. Through repeated readings and story times, targeted phonics instruction and intentional word games, we will support our young Sprouts read and make meaning of every text they come across.

Tree House Sprouts acknowledges that every child is a reader, even before they are decoding words. Kids are given individualized instruction that enables them to grow confidence in ther abilities, which directly impacts their enthusiasm for reading and writing. We want them to be as excited to read as we are!