Welcome to Tree House Books!

Tree House Books is a Giving Library and Literacy Center headquartered in North Philadelphia. Founded in 2005, we provide free books to children and families, and Out of School Time (OST) programs that increases literacy skills, and promote a lifelong love of reading and writing. 

Our programs serve children (and their families!) from their earliest moments, through high school, and beyond. Tree House Books has its roots in the belief that literacy - in its many forms - is fundamental to academic success, career readiness, and, most importantly, personal empowerment. For more information, call us or contact us to schedule a tour!

A special THANK YOU to the Wieseneck Family, whose generosity has sustained and helped Tree House Books grow for many years!!  It is because of your support -- and the many donors and volunteers that you inspire through your gifts -- that we have been able to serve so many more children and families.  Without your enduring foundational support, we simply would not exist.