Visits to the Tree House

Visits to the Tree House is a Field Trip Program for classrooms with kids ages 0-8.  Our goals are to introduce more kids and families to THB, to get more books into families' homes, and to support the amazing work of teachers and educators in our city.

If you are looking for a fun and new way to engage your kids in reading, and an innovated way to increase parental engagement, this program is for you! If you are unable to come to our location, a limited amount of scholarships are available to cover the cost of our travel -- we will come to you!!

This program is really easy to organize and can be customized to your class' needs.  If you are interested in signing your class up for a visit, check out our program flyer and fill out the form below.  We will contact you to confirm your visit!

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Name and Title of Coordinating Instructor *
Name and Title of Coordinating Instructor
What type of organization or school will be attending the Visit? E.g. District Public School, Public Charter School, Parochial/Private School, Childcare Service, or Other. If Other, please explain.
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Preffered Date of Visit *
Preffered Date of Visit
Prefferred Time of Visit *
Prefferred Time of Visit
Each Visit will be up to 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of instructional time and 30 minutes of transitional time. Please schedule your visit considering this time frame, as well as Tree House hours of 10am-6pm Monday-Friday